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When you own a small business, you’re often too busy thinking about your customers and employees to dive into the full range of financial topics important to your long-term financial health. In this short guide, learn how the right guidance and advice can help you protect your business and personal finances.

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Investors with sizable wealth face unique considerations. In our free guide, we break down who, what, and how to create a realistic plan to both sustain and enjoy your wealth for years to come.

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Did you recently start your business or have been in operation for years? Thought about retirement or considered what the end game is for your business?

Jose Palafox, owner and managing member of Starfox Financial Services, shared how to create value in your business at a recent seminar captured in the video below:

In the video, Jose Palafox shared what you as a business owner need to be doing to add value to your business. Special thank you to Lone Star College and the Lone Star College Small Business Development Center for hosting the “Building Your Business For Retirement” seminar!

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Jose Palafox​, founding member of Starfox Financial Services, interviews Bob Milner​ of TerBo Consulting Inc.​ as part of our entrepreneur series.

Bob Milner is a recently retired entrepreneur who teaches college and along with his wife, Teresa, runs a coaching and consulting practice – TerBo Consulting. He and his wife Teresa, live in The Woodlands, Texas along with their 5 dogs. They have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. He has earned a BS in Business, a MBA, and completed 2 years of class work towards his PhD in Organizational Development and Executive Leadership.

Serving 7 years as a decorated airman in the United States Air Force, Bob has spent the last 25 years leading luxury vehicle operations at a corporate level for 2 large public automotive retailers and as a managing partner and dealer. The primary focus of his career has been turning around under-performing operations by building a strong customer-centric, culture driven, performance-based team and getting out their way. He and his wife enjoy playing golf, traveling, and serving in the community.

As a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, he and his wife are active philanthropic leaders in the Montgomery County community. He is an Adjunct Professor at LoneStar College and currently serves on the Board of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce, the Executive Leadership Advisory Council for Memorial Hermann – The Woodlands, Executive Advisory Council for The Interfaith of The Woodlands, Advisory Council for The Woodlands Luxury Alliance, the Glade Arts Foundation, and the Montgomery County Crime Stoppers. He is also a past board member of The Woodlands Economic Development Partnership and the Women’s Shelter of Long Beach. He is a graduate of the Accenture Executive Leadership Development program and the Thayer Leadership Development Group Executive Leadership Academy at West Point Military Academy.

Learn more about Bob Milner and TerBo Consulting at or visit the Facebook page at

Jose Palafox, founding member of Starfox Financial Services LLC, interviews Dragos Tapu, founder of Glade Arts Foundation and Glade Gallery, as part of our entrepreneur series.

Following a twenty-year corporate marketing career in the technology industry, Dragos Tapu is returning to his roots. Raised in a family with deep European heritage in fine arts, Dragos followed his father’s footsteps in studying art and later architecture. In 2015 Dragos opened Glade Gallery, the first fine arts gallery in The Woodlands, TX where he continues to bring the finest global expressions of contemporary figurative art to The Woodlands.

As a longtime resident of The Woodlands, Dragos Tapu expands on the community artistic legacy by co-founding Glade Arts Foundation.

The Museum at Glade Arts Foundation, is The Woodlands’ first museum for contemporary art, film and visual culture in its widest sense. The museum aspires to play a leading role in modern art in the community. Hosting a comprehensive permanent collection of world renowned artist David Adickes in addition to frequently changing exhibits from unique contemporary local and international fine artists to one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality installations designed by acclaimed artists and institutions.

Glade Arts Foundation museum plans to bridge the relationship between artistic questions and wider societal issues, between the regional and international, artists and public, tradition and innovation, reflection and presentation.

Learn more about the Glade Arts Foundation, Glade Cultural Center and Glade Gallery at

Starfox Financial Services talks with Henri Paul Jewelers as part of our series in interviewing Small Business owners and highlighting Entrepreneurs in our community.

Pascal Henri Paul Asien’s love of jewelry began at the young age of 16 where he began his studies at the Institut De Bijouterie in Saumur, France. At age 19 upon completion of his education he became a certified jeweler. Taking a job with a large French jewelry company he was relocated to Laredo Texas in 1985. in 1997 Pascal moved his wife and 3 sons to Houston to pursue his dream.

Throughout the years he has directed custom departments in some of the most well known and luxurious Jewelry companies Houston has to offer. Through passion for his craft and a love for the art of design and creation he continues to provide a one of a kind experience to every one of a kind piece he creates. Learn more Henri Paul Jewelers with

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What types of technology do Financial Advisors use? Jose Palafox, owner and managing member of Starfox Financial Services answers your questions.

Starfox Financial Services can offer Financial Planning, Stock Trading, Checking Accounts, 401K, IRA’s, and more because of today’s technology – but without the extra cost.

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Jose Palafox of Starfox Financial Services interviews local business owner, Dr. Marshall Guy of Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands, and talks about how to run a successful business.

Watch the video on the Starfox Financial Services YouTube Channel here.

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Faith. Family. Finance.

We believe achieving success in finance won’t matter without the richness by faith and family.

Jose Palafox, the managing member of Starfox Financial Services, shares the importance behind the slogan, “Faith. Family. Finance”:
“I’ve found over the years…a lot of people who were hurting, and though they have a lot of money, they aren’t happy or their life isn’t going so well. Sure, they can pay for everything they want and need, but inside, they’re hurting. So I believe that in life, if you [need] a faith that you can live your life by, and family that’s by your side – because friends will come and go, acquaintances will come and go, businesses will come and go. But your family is always there. So to me, putting those in perspective [is] very important, on how we run our company and how we treat our employees, how we treat our clients. Everything is faith first, family, and then finance. And we live that.”

Starfox Financial Services, LLC. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with a focus on serving the unique needs of the high net worth investor. Because we are an independent RIA, we are able to offer wealth building tools and advice without bias or conflict of interest.

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