Entrepreneur Series with Gordy Bunch

Gordy Bunch, Founder, President and CEO of The Woodlands Financial Group and Chairman of The Woodlands Township Board, shares his story with Jose Palafox, founding member of Starfox Financial Services, as part of a series in interviewing business owners and highlighting entrepreneurs in our community.

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The video interview includes questions and topics such as:

  • Tell us about the early days of The Woodlands Financial Group. (0:49)
  • Did you have a plan B? (2:04)
  • How did your business start and evolve after starting with $10,000? (2:50)
  • Is there anything that didn’t go as planned? (Business and Personal Finances, Savings) (3:14)
  • What would you do differently?  (7:26)
  • What did/do you look for when adding to your team? (9:13)
  • How do you keep your faith, but still be a successful businessman? (12:02)
  • Share what’s happening currently with The Woodlands Township. What do you see for the Township going forward? (Taxes, Incorporation Study, Hurricane Harvey, Debt, Covenants) (16:15)
  • Will incorporation make living in The Woodlands more expensive for residents? (20:58)
  • How will the future of The Woodlands be affect as the number and space for new homes decrease? (Real Estate, Redevelopment, Commercial Projects, Township Taxes) (25:42)
  • What upcoming economic developments can we expect in The Woodlands? (New Business, Sales Tax, Township Budget, Debt Redemption Fund, Performing Arts Theater, Museum, City Hall, Glade Cultural Center) (28:43)

Richard “Gordy” Bunch III is the Founder and CEO of TWFG and its associated companies which he started in The Woodlands, TX in 2001 with only $10,000 in capital. Today, TWFG Insurance is ranked #1 in both Texas and Louisiana, and with nearly 500 million in written premiums, is ranked 8th largest privately-owned independent insurance provider in the nation.

Gordy also serves as the elected Chairman of The Woodlands Township Board, and was named 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Gulf Coast Region. Gordy has been married to his wife Michelle for 22 years and, together, they have three incredible sons. They work together as a family to contribute to many local and national charities and organizations with both their time and financial support.

Learn more about Gordy Bunch and The Woodlands Financial Group at https://twfg.com/about.

Starfox Financial Services, LLC is a fiduciary advisor located in The Woodlands, Texas with a duty to act for the benefit of their clients above all else. Contact us today at (281) 764-8239!

Learn more about Starfox Financial Services at StarfoxFinancial.com.

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