Interview with Dragos Tapu of the Glade Arts Foundation

Jose Palafox, founding member of Starfox Financial Services LLC, interviews Dragos Tapu, founder of Glade Arts Foundation and Glade Gallery, as part of our entrepreneur series.

Following a twenty-year corporate marketing career in the technology industry, Dragos Tapu is returning to his roots. Raised in a family with deep European heritage in fine arts, Dragos followed his father’s footsteps in studying art and later architecture. In 2015 Dragos opened Glade Gallery, the first fine arts gallery in The Woodlands, TX where he continues to bring the finest global expressions of contemporary figurative art to The Woodlands.

As a longtime resident of The Woodlands, Dragos Tapu expands on the community artistic legacy by co-founding Glade Arts Foundation.

The Museum at Glade Arts Foundation, is The Woodlands’ first museum for contemporary art, film and visual culture in its widest sense. The museum aspires to play a leading role in modern art in the community. Hosting a comprehensive permanent collection of world renowned artist David Adickes in addition to frequently changing exhibits from unique contemporary local and international fine artists to one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality installations designed by acclaimed artists and institutions.

Glade Arts Foundation museum plans to bridge the relationship between artistic questions and wider societal issues, between the regional and international, artists and public, tradition and innovation, reflection and presentation.

Learn more about the Glade Arts Foundation, Glade Cultural Center and Glade Gallery at

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