Interview with Henri Paul Jewlers

Starfox Financial Services talks with Henri Paul Jewelers as part of our series in interviewing Small Business owners and highlighting Entrepreneurs in our community.

Pascal Henri Paul Asien’s love of jewelry began at the young age of 16 where he began his studies at the Institut De Bijouterie in Saumur, France. At age 19 upon completion of his education he became a certified jeweler. Taking a job with a large French jewelry company he was relocated to Laredo Texas in 1985. in 1997 Pascal moved his wife and 3 sons to Houston to pursue his dream.

Throughout the years he has directed custom departments in some of the most well known and luxurious Jewelry companies Houston has to offer. Through passion for his craft and a love for the art of design and creation he continues to provide a one of a kind experience to every one of a kind piece he creates. Learn more Henri Paul Jewelers with

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