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It is with great pleasure that my wife and I write this testimonial of our experience with Star Fox Financial Services. We were first introduced to Star Fox in 2016 through a business associate who had started working with them. Reluctantly, we agreed to meet with Jose Palafox to go over our portfolio and see what might be possible with Starfox. We had been with a large, well known national firm for several years. Our representative convinced us that our retirement would be well funded and that we were on track to pursue our retirement dreams. Red flags popped up - they would not accept responsibility as our “fiduciary”, so we signed a waiver. The next 3+ years we discussed how to reach our monthly needs and goals with draws from our portfolio gains. After reviewing our portfolio, Jose pointed out flaws in our existing strategy. Facing the reality that we may have made a bad choice was hard to accept based on one person’s opinion, so we decided to defer making a change for one year. We pressed our financial advisor for a fee schedule and asked more questions to clarify our financial strategy. We were assured that all was on track and not to worry, but never got a fee schedule or clear answers. Then, Peter retired at the end of 2016, according to our plan. It only took a couple of months for the conversation to change from living off the portfolio growth, to having to spend down our principle. Not a happy future. Not what we had discussed during the many years of planning or what we envisioned our future to be. Nicole did a spreadsheet to track our investments over time, and discovered most growth was due to our continued investments. In 2017 we reached out to Jose to get his input. Based on our age and goals, he recommended a conservative investment plan, and reassured us our vision was doable. Reasonable compensation (fees) for his firm’s services was discussed, and we started moving our portfolio after the fiduciary and other documents were signed. We had nothing to lose and were hopeful that Jose’s team would help us stem our losses and get our portfolio back on track. Since joining Starfox, we feel we have a real partner with Jose and his team and continue to enjoy positive results. We appreciate their integrity and knowledge. It is now 2021 and we are extremely happy that we partnered with Starfox. Our portfolio has grown. We are receiving distributions that we need to supplement our lifestyle. We are living a life that we envisioned, and Jose has become both a trusted advisor and friend. Win, Win, Win and Win!
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I have been a customer of Starfox Financial Services LLC since 2017. Jose and his staff are the most professional, courteous, and brilliant people I have had the opportunity to work with since I retired. Their attitude towards their customers is impeccable. Two of the most outstanding characteristics about this team is (1) there accessibility and (2) their availability. For me, these two attributes mean more to me than anything in the world because I value my time more than my money. Jose is a loving, kind, and genuine real person that truly serves his clients. I was referred to Starfox by another colleague and I was impressed from my first visit with them. First impressions are lasting impressions. There standards of integrity and honesty are the highest. I will recommend Starfox to anyone needing a financial team to look out for your future.
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Bill Friebel has been my financial advisor for over 13 years during most of that time he has been associated with Starfox. Bill is always extremely helpful and perceptive on all financial matters. Although I don't have a extremely large account with Bill, regardless, he always stays in touch with me and constantly provides insightful advice. If you are looking for a financial firm, Bill Friebel and Starfox would be an excellent choice.
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Jose and the staff at Starfox Financial Services have managed the majority of our financial investments for over a year. They communicate regularly and are always available. The investment decisions that they have made have outperformed my other investments without being aggressive. That is important since I am retired. My wife and I are happy with our decision to go with Starfox Financial Services, and highly recommend them.
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Jose, I was having trouble getting one of our tax documents from TD Ameritrade when I called your office I was fortunate enough to reach Alex. She took my call, listened to my sad tale and told me that the needed documents would be in the US mail that morning. (Email is even more problematic here than USPS,) within 48 hours I had the needed documents. Alex is awesome. She is a true asset to your organization and what makes Starfox great! Thank you Alex and thank you Jose.
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5 Stars
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Jose and staff have managed to provide us stability in the times we all are going through. They are good communicators, plus they will make the effort to use whatever medium you are most comfortable with! My wife and I are happy with our decision to go with StarFox, and recommend them.
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Jose and all the team at Starfox Financial have provided us with exceptional service at the highest level of integrity while making us feel, not like customers, but as family and friends. We highly recommend Starfox to you, as we have to our family and friends!
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Jose is a professional man with Christian character committed to working toward financial growth for his customer as well as a commitment to a selfless relationship with his customer. He is a credit to his profession.
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5 Stars
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