Jose Palafox

Founder & Managing Member

Jose Palafox is the founder and co-owner of Starfox Financial Services, LLC and has more than 20 years’ experience in the investment industry, having worked for two larger brokerage firms before forming Starfox Financial Services in 2006. He founded Starfox because he believed his clients deserved his full and undivided loyalty as a fiduciary advisory. Starting an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm meant his clients and the community would have access to a true fiduciary advisor, one who had their best interests in mind not his own or the firms. Now, more than a decade later, this fiduciary approach has allowed his business to expand to having clients throughout the country.

Jose receives great fulfillment in assisting his clients to reach their financial goals and improving their quality of life, by providing wealth building tools and advice with full disclosure of any bias or conflict of interest. As a fiduciary advisor, he strives to help them achieve their goals through his diligence, his team’s quality research and a constant effort to reduce investment expenses and limit overall risks.

His faith, family and finance are what makes Jose passionate about what he does. His experience and aptitude for finance allows him to assist others to build wealth, while allowing him to personally give back to the community. Jose’s entire firm is built around a culture of giving back, he and every other individual who represents the firm are deeply involved in the local community. He is actively involved in his church, non-profit and community organizations including Rotary Club. Jose and his wife, Tracee, live in The Woodlands, Texas and they have five grown children.

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