What Makes Us Unique?

What makes us unique? At Starfox Financial Services, as a fiduciary, our team has a duty to act for the benefit of our clients above ALL else. We put our clients FIRST!

100% Fee-Only Service, we receive NO COMMISSIONS or WRAP FEES from any of the securities we recommend.

We hold a relationship of trust with our clients and are dedicated to being fully transparent. We pride ourselves in giving our clients our un-divided loyalty and effort.

At Starfox we work with our clients to develop a plan for financial independence and help to confront competing goals such as saving for retirement, college or paying down debt. We begin the financial planning process with an analysis of the current situation, goals, objectives and any issues. Our clients have access to a custom planning portal to see all their accounts and their progress toward achieving their goals.

Let us help you develop a plan to move from financial dependence to an ultimate goal of financial independence.

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